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The Essentials of Water for Our 21st Century Lifestyles

img_water_cleanWater Should Be Clean

Before the industrial revolution, we received our water from the sky. It fell to earth and percolated through the earth natural minerals, into our water ways, whirling, colliding, dripping and absorbing light photons, energy and the minerals essential for healthy life.

Water Should Be Rich In Minerals

Clean water may be 'dead water' if it is devoid of the minerals that natural spring water possesses such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. These minerals play significant roles in our body and are essentials for our well-being. Due to our modern water reticulation systems, our body may be deprived from such minerals that used to be contained in our spring water. In this respect, Aqualine AMWF System contains natural mineral stones to release some of these essential minerals back into our drinking water.

Water Should Be Alkaline

Blood in our body should be alkaline with pH 7.35 – 7.45. However, due to our modern lifestyles, our blood tends to get acidified when we take in excessive amount of animal protein or fat and stress from work and life challenges add to this acidity. Over prolonged period of time, our blood stream tends to be imbalanced with higher acidity thus subjecting our bodies to possible diseases and rapid aging...


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Filter Specifications Aqualine Filter System


Installation Guide

Download installation guide - aqualine water filtering system


Main Features

Aqualine Filter Main Features

  • Filter contaminants and eliminate bacteria
  • Removal of odour and chlorine
  • Adding mineral supplements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium in water for general well being.
  • Promote overall health by restoring body natural pH balance.

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Accredited Lab Tests

TUV PSB Corporation malaysian institution for nuclear technology research SIRIM logo_consolab



About us

Aqualine Fliter System

With over more than 15 years of research and expertise, Aqualine Alkaline Mineral Filtration System was designed to turn ordinary tap water into clean and healthy water for our modern living. By combining nano technology in the coating of silver nano particles onto activated carbons, 99 % of water borne bacteria are eliminated through the filtration process...

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